, Wednesday 23 March 2016 - 11:05:00

For more than 14 years, TLS by Design has employed a seasoned team of furniture-making professionals. In addition to craftsmen and seamstresses with 15-50+ years of experience, TLS has an apprentice program where we bring in less experienced employees to learn alongside those who have spent their entire lives making quality furniture.  Cross Functional training is of critical importance at TLS.

Located in Portland, IN,TLS is positioned in a region known for both skilled woodworking and upholstery . In addition to our team of full-time employees, we have assembled a team of metal fabricators, specialty carpenters, powder finishers and others which allows TLS to offer a broad product offering. 

President: Elizabeth Day

Operations and Administration Manager: Heidi Bouse

Business Development and Design Director: J.P. Day

Product Engineer: Alyward Omoding

Upholstery Lead: Rickie Burkholder

Cutting and Sewing Lead: Melinda Elston

Chief Mechanic: Roger Mullenkamp

idworks Engineer: Trey Hummer



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