Green Philosophy

, Wednesday 23 March 2016 - 11:06:00

From our founding TLS has taken environmental stewardship very seriously, both in terms of materials and processes utilized in production

As for the product, for seat cushions we start with a combination of high resilience foams which contain 15-35% soy in the form of bio-based Polyol. Our 8-Way tied ModuCoil suspension units and other springs are made from 100% recycled steel. Our hardwoods are grown, dried and milled locally.

TLS bales all scrap cardboard and donates it to a local charity who uses the proceeds to supplement their budget which supports a variety of community activities.  All of our scrap polyester is re-purposed by a local mattress and futon producer.

We have one of the smallest carbon footprints in the industry with 80% or more of our product content sourced within a 75 mile radius of our factory. Shipping is one of the largest contributors to pollution and we partner with other firms tying into existing routes and sharing back-hauls for a majority of our supplies.

In 2010, TLS became the first company of our size to be recognized as a finalist for the Sage Award presented by the American Home Furnishing Alliance.

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